This is how Refined Oils are Made

This is how Refined Oils are Made

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Ever been so curious on how Refined Oils are made that you searched it and found the article too lengthy?

Well, that changes today. Here is the process of refining, summarized with the help of flow charts. The process shows the use of Heat, Steam, Pressure and various Chemicals throughout the process. These are the very reasons that people are moving towards a more natural and healthy lifestyle by consuming Cold Pressed Virgin Oils in place of Refined Oils.

The following are the steps involved in the process of Refining -

1. Pressing

2. Neutralization

3. Bleaching

4. Deodorization

5. Dewaxing

6. Dry Fractionation

In contrast, making of Cold Pressed Oils is a purely mechanical and natural process. Do read our post on how cold pressed oils are made to get a more detailed explanation.

If you decide to shift to an all natural lifestyle, try our Cold Pressed Virgin Groundnut Oil.

We wish you a healthy life ahead!


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