Our oil is made from high quality Coconut Kernels. We produce the oil by hand in small batches in order to maintain the freshness and to ensure the use of fresh raw material i.e. Dried Coconut. The oil is 100% Natural, Pure and Unrefined. No chemicals are used in any stage of production. The oil does not contain Artificial Flavour, Preservatives and Food Colour. 


It retains it’s nutty and delicate flavor making it excellent for cooking (especially baking). It contains healthy fatty acids and is known to increase good cholesterol.


It can be used externally on skin as a natural moisturizer and on hair for nourishment. In addition to that, it shows Anti-Microbial properties which make it excellent for enhancing oral hygene via Oil Pulling.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil - 1 Litre

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    • High Quality Dried Coconut Kernels are pressed and ground with the use of heavy wooden handle sustaining low temperature.
    • It is the best organic and ancient way to extract oil.
    • The oil obtained is rich in antioxidants, micro nutrients and fatty acids.
    • Unlike refined oils, no chemical process is involved.
    • It is the shortest journey in the process of making oil “ from seed to the container. ”

    It is the purest form of oil and requires no fancy introduction.

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